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Act CRM review 2015

It doesn’t matter if you really need your information regarding customers to be saved because Act offers cloud CRM software for you and your business. This program has a nice interface that you can use very easily. Although Act doesn’t have many features like the best CRM software we analyzed it still has great options to provide.
Similar to many managements programs Act help you integrate email address in the application so you will be able to answer all of your mail from the CRM software. In this way you can save customer conversations and can use them later to compare with similar problems from your clients. Using this kind of feedback you will be able to create new strategies that will help you to develop your business. You can use Act for dialing although it doesn’t really have the best connection.
In plus you also get a group scheduler that will help your entire departments to track down their progress and see their tasks. Because the aim of this software is to help you out manage your business better you will also get the option to create something like urgent lists that you can note down when you have any idea in your mind and you will not forget it. It also has a split-window option that can be a helpful hand when you have many tasks and what to view more tabs in the same time. You can any information quite fast by clicking on info tabs that you get on your screen.


An interesting option from Act CRM software is that you can generate different reports with it. The majority of CRM solutions only have the option to create an accounting or client history report. But this one has included more like lost deals to competitors and a birthday report from your staff and clients.

Act Summary

This software is indeed quite user friendly and is packed with the basic features & tools that will help you get better results with your business and help you out in the same time with the communication in your departments.


1. My business really changed since I started using Act CRM solution. My departments communicate better and my clients are even more satisfied. Happy with the results.
2. The lack of many features is felt after some time. But we accepted the risk and can say we still managed to increase our sales and have a happier team in our company.
3. Managing my client relations is done properly now using the CRM software from Act. Easy to navigate and understand you don’t really have any problems finding out all that you need.

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low quality support for a good price

ACT support is done from India – well, you can imaging what that means… the guys there don’t know anything to put it mildly. On the good side, the price for a CRM software is great, and if you don’t require too much assistance, it’s a good bargain.

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