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TeamWox CRM review 2015

TeamWox CRM software is a great management system for your customer interactions and not only. It will also help you communicate easier with your staff and set up all kind of tasks in real time. Marketing features seem to be missing compared to the top CRM software providers where they have a lot of option for this topic. And on top of that TeamWox is not really shining like the strong CRM software that you would expect it to be. But you still get some good features that will be useful to interact with your clients.
Having a lot of options that will provide great management actions regarding your clients and employees gives it a plus. You can add your own email to the system and include your entire list. TeamWox will give you a hand when you want to check your contact list and you will be able to connect fast with them from the app and even use a dialer to give a phone call.
TeamWox is great to check the information regarding the clients and contacts that are interested in your business. You can use it to track all kind of social profiles and get their address by using online location services. Creating groups that have the same interest in your client area is another great option that you can use.
Making reports regarding the actions that are taken in the app can be made but that is all of the marketing option available. You will not be able to manage different campaigns and if they would add this option it would be great.


The interface is not the best and you get that feeling of a confused situation. We don’t want to say that is difficult to use it because you can manage with this part the only unpleasant fact is that the entire experience doesn’t feel done the right way.
When you are stuck and need answers use the FAQs and online tutorials that are done for the software. And if you don’t find your answer try their support via phone or email.

TeamWox Summary:

TeamWox really makes a great effort and they are a serious company that collaborates with their customers very well. But because of the marketing and sales features they will not be in the top too soon.


1. Having a small business I decided to go with the TeamWox CRM software. So far I am happy with the results that I have but I would not mind to see some updates regarding the marketing part.
2. Great company that respects their clients and really provides support when needed. We definitely recommend it to anyone that needs this kind of services.
3. Not disappointed for choosing TeamWox. Indeed they do lack the sales and marketing features but we still do manage to have positive changes.

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Great for teamwork

TeamWox is perfect for a team work, yet it lacks many marketing features I really needed

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